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Headstrong Mouthguards

Headstrong Mouthguard

Custom-Made Mouthguard

Triple-laminated, cross woven EVA of a 4mm thickness, incorporating a hard plastic palatal brace behind the four front teeth. Comes with case and care instructions.



Headstrong Mouthguard

Additional Mouthguards

Order at the time of impression and get each additional mouthguard at half price!




Headstrong with Helmet Strap

Optional Helmet Strap

The helmet strap snaps the mouthguard to your facemask to keep it from getting lost on the field during play. If the helmet is torn from the head in a collision, for your safety the strap has a breakaway feature that releases it from the facemask.




Headstrong Case

Additional Case

Lost your original case? Need a spare? Get another storage container for your mouthguard.