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Why go with Headstrong?

1. Protection

Our mouthguard is triple-laminated for superior strength and shock dispersion, greatly decreasing the possibility of tooth damage. This material was originally developed by a dentist to provide superior protection for NHL hockey and NFL football players. It provides superior tensile strength, softness, uniform density and compressive strength. This material combined with custom fit provides superior protection for any sport or activity.

2. Comfort

A mouthguard can only protect an athlete when it is being worn. Headstrong Mouthguards feel natural and offer a secure fit. It’s comfort makes sure you wear it when you need it most - the field, rink, arena, or court.

3. Oxygen

Stock or boil and bite mouthguards just don’t work well. Often the athlete must bite down to keep it in place, while trying to compete. This can reduce an athlete’s oxygen intake by up to 25%. Don’t choose between protecting your mouth and reducing performance. The fit of our mouthguard is designed to maximize oxygen flow. We recognize the athlete’s number one priority is performance.

4. Speech

Some sports require clear communication among teammates. Store-bought mouthguards can make speaking extremely difficult. Because a Headstrong Mouthguard fits the contours of your mouth, it stays in place while speaking or giving commands.

5. Licensed Professionals

We are licensed and trained to fit mouthguards. Braces, overbites, and other oral conditions require special care when taking impressions for a mouthguard. Let us take care of the specifics so you can focus on your training.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful mouthguard! I absolutely love it, and so do my parents haha. I used to never wear any mouthguard because I couldn't communicate with the girls on the field without it falling out, but your mouthguard is awesome. I wore it the entire game against North Bay and it didn't fall out once!

I'll definitely recommend your mouth guards to any other rugby players I know.

-Becky Dangler
High School Girls Team
Doylestown Rugby Football Club